Our mission

Our mission is to maximise the well-being of older people and their families. We do this by providing outstanding care and support that enables our clients to enjoy a better quality of life at home.

Our values

At Carefound Home Care our values are important to us and we try to live by them every day – think P.L.A.T.O.


We ensure that our client care and staff support is tailored to meeting the needs of individuals and families.

Build trusting relationships and know people’s preferences

Act promptly and respond to people’s needs

Be proactive in both mitigating risk and supporting choice

Keep focussed on achieving and improving desired outcomes


We operate a locally managed service and empower our teams to make a genuine difference in their local communities.

Trust each other to take decisions that matter to clients and colleagues

Do what is necessary to ensure a fully managed local service

Build strong working relationships with other local services

Encourage and support participation in the local community


We are honest and open in our communication and hold ourselves accountable for delivering the very best in all that we do.

Communicate clearly, honestly and regularly

Use evidence and outcomes not opinion to inform what you do

Take responsibility for your actions and be willing to learn

Be resilient and reliable


We work in partnership with our clients, their families, our colleagues and other health professionals to achieve the best outcomes.

Respect and value others and work with them to achieve results

Help and support your colleagues

Question actions inconsistent with our values

Support collaboration across health and social care


We lead through dedication and innovation to provide the highest quality care to our clients and the best support to our staff.

Be exceptionally kind and compassionate

Do the best you can to exceed expectations

Invest in yourself through training and learning

Strive for excellence and support innovation

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