Age UK Falls Awareness Week – Helping Elderly People in Ripon and Harrogate

Tuesday, 19th June 2012

Published 19 June 2012.

The charity Age UK is holding its annual Falls Awareness Week from 18 – 22 June 2012 which is aimed at helping older people, relatives and carers find out more about falls and how best to prevent them.

Older people in particular are impacted by falls which can not only result in physical consequences but also serious emotional harm. Approximately 30% of people aged over 65 and 50% of people over 85 experience a fall each year. In addition to causing bruising and fractures, a fall can impact upon an older person’s confidence, their independence and ultimately how isolated they are.

As part of Falls Awareness Week Age UK is keen to highlight that whilst falls do become more likely as we age, there are many things we can do to help prevent them. Exercise is one of the most important activities older people can do to help maintain independence and remain steady on their feet. This can include activities such as walking, gardening, Tai Chi or even dancing – essentially anything that challenges balance and improves muscle strength. Other things to consider when seeking to reduce the likelihood of a fall include having your eyes checked regularly, looking after your feet and ensuring thatmedications are managed properly.

In response to the event Carefound’s home care team is spending time completing the Age UK ‘Boost Your Bones’ quiz, which will help home carers continue to raise awareness and understanding amongst clients in North Yorkshire. Age UK has also made a strength and balance exercise guide available which can be downloaded for free.

About Carefound:

Carefound is a provider of specialist home care and dementia care services to elderly people in North Yorkshire, enabling clients to continue to live independently in the comfort of their own home whilst maintaining the highest quality of life achievable. Services provided include basic help in the home,companionship, personal care, medication help, post-operative rehabilitation, respite care and specialist help such as dementia care and palliative care. The flexible service ranges from 1 hour to 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including bank holidays, and can also encompass 24-hour live in care services.

Source: Carefound, Age UK.