Carefound Home Care Supports Balance Awareness Week

Thursday, 29th September 2016

Carefound Home Care was recently invited to represent the team at the Yorkshire Spinners Balance Awareness Event held at St Peter’s Church in Harrogate. The event was in aid of Balance Awareness Week, a global effort to raise awareness of vestibuler (inner ear) disorders which cause dizziness and balance problems.

Lianne and Tina Balance Event

Yorkshire Spinners was founded by Lianne Taylor three years ago to support people living with balance conditions such as Menieres disease, labrynithitis and tinnitus, and raise awareness of the day-to-day challenges they face. As somebody living with a balance condition, Lianne herself fully understands the difficulties people experience such as dizziness, vertigo spins, double vision and aural fullness – all of which can lead to falls, not being able to work or drive, and isolation.

This year Yorkshire Spinners decided to raise awareness in Harrogate by staging the first Balance Awareness Event and the group was very fortunate to be partnered by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) Falls Prevention Team and other local businesses in the area.

The event was opened by The Deputy Mayor of Harrogate, and there were guest speakers throughout the day including:

  • Coping with balance problems – Geoffrey Howard from Menieres Society
  • Vestibular relaxation exercises – Sarah Daniels, Director and Physiotherapist from Physiofunction
  • Pilates and Yoga – Patti Hemming
  • Falls in the Home – Gail McCracken from NYCC Fall Team
  • Balance and Driving – North Yorkshire Police

Local organisations in attendance included Carefound Home Care, Carers Resource, MS Society and Action for Hearing Loss to name a few.

Lianne Taylor commented:

“As a balance sufferer myself for over six years, I suffer with many symptoms, including swaying when walking and vertigo. Vertigo is a debilitating condition in which sufferers feel either they are spinning or their surroundings are spinning around them.  It also includes nausea and the only way I can make these symptoms subside is to lie down flat, which can take from minutes to several hours.  These attacks have caused me to have falls and this has meant I have become isolated and alone in my own home.”

“It was great that Carol Giblin from Carefound Home Care was able to take part in our balance event. It is important people with balance problems and their carers know that there is an outstanding company in our area, who have professional and qualified carers who are able to support clients with these problems. Yorkshire Spinners is looking forward to working with Carefound Home Care again in the future.”

For more information on Yorkshire Spinners and the Harrogate event, contact Lianne on 07895 771125 or email