Carefound Home Care volunteering for Wilmslow CleanTeam and Wilmslow Library

Monday, 20th November 2023

Our Wilmslow branch team have been volunteering in the local community, helping Wilmslow CleanTeam and Wilmslow Library Books on Wheels.

Carefound Home Care volunteer helping Wilmslow library
Sarah from Carefound Home Care in Wilmslow volunteering for Wilmslow Library

People living in Wilmslow truly benefit from a strong sense sense of community, and our local home care branch take great pride in being a part of this and having a meaningful impact. Carefound Home Care in Wilmslow have recently been volunteering for Wilmslow CleanTeam and Wilmslow Library, having some great fun along the way!

Sarah Vickers, who is our Recruitment & Community Manager in Wilmslow, has teamed up with Wilmslow Library to help deliver books to people living in the local community who are unable to leave their homes and get to the Library themselves. ‘Books on Wheels’ is a free service and Sarah will try to do this every first Tuesday of the month.

Sarah commented:

“It’s lovely to visit others in their homes and know that they are still able to access one of their interests thanks to myself and the Library getting their chosen books to them making them feel included in the library still”.

Carefound Home Care Wilmslow team volunteering for Wilmslow Clean Team
Our local home care branch litter picking for Wilmslow CleanTeam

Hayley, Gemma, and Sarah from our Wilmslow team have also donned their Hi-Viz’s and gloves and taken time out to do litter picking for Wilmslow CleanTeam. They walked up and down the Manchester Airport tunnels filling five large bin bags, and are now signed up to continue volunteering for this local scheme once a month.

Hayley Gill, Registered Branch Manager at Carefound Home Care in Wilmslow, said:

“It was very rewarding for us all to be able to help our local community by trying to keep the streets of Wilmslow tidy. It’s something that we are passionate about, and we are already planning our next session. Wilmslow CleanTeam do an amazing job and it was great to be able to help with their mission of keeping Wilmslow clean! It was surprising how much rubbish we collected and great to know that our help will have made a big difference.”

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