Cheshire & Yorkshire Care Professionals Recognised

Friday, 13th September 2019

Members of the home care teams at Carefound Home Care have been recognised for long-service and going above and beyond.

At Carefound Home Care we are very proud of the people across our home care teams and celebrating their achievements is both important and rewarding. Over recent months members of our hourly care and live-in care teams in Cheshire and Yorkshire have been recognised with the following awards:

Long Service Awards

Gladys Ndangoh, Live-In Carer in Yorkshire
Prior to joining Carefound Home Care as a live-in carer in 2014, Gladys had been working in residential care homes since 2003. She came into this role as she wanted to spend more one-to-one time with her client. She has been supporting her client living with dementia for a number of years and consistently excels in helping her enjoy a fulfilling, active lifestyle. Gladys has received a Long Service Award in recognition of her 5 years’ service. She was also a finalist in the Dementia Carer category at the Great British Care Awards in Yorkshire in 2018.

Tina Langshaw, Senior Carer in Yorkshire
Tina joined Carefound Home Care in 2014 and has since become a highly regarded member of our team. She was recently recognised for her 5 years’ of service with one of our prestigious Long Service Awards, which includes a Certificate of Recognition and the option of an extra day’s paid holiday or £100 in gift vouchers. She chose the gift vouchers and apparently stocked up on plenty of gin! Over the years Tina has progressed to become a leader of our Senior Care Team in Yorkshire where she provides support and quality assurance to our staff and clients. She has also achieved her Level 2 Diploma in Health & Social Care and is working towards her Level 5 in Leadership & Management.

Appreciation Awards

Corinne Worswick, Hourly Carer in Cheshire
Corinne received an Appreciation Award in July 2019 for providing exceptional support to her team to ensure her clients received additional care. She was also directly complimented by her colleague for going above and beyond in sharing information and handing over to her which benefited their client. Corinne has a love for sport and animals and joined our Cheshire hourly care team in March 2019 following over 5 years’ experience in the care industry.

Hayley Gill, Senior Carer in Cheshire
Hayley is a member of our Senior Care Team in Cheshire having progressed from the role of hourly carer which she started in 2017. She received an Appreciation Award in May 2019 in recognition of the person centred care she provided to a client at the end of his life. She was not only praised by her client’s wife but also the District Nursing Team for the care and commitment she showed during a very difficult time.

Lisa Hulme, Hourly Carer in Cheshire
In May 2019 Lisa was recognised with an Appreciation Award for going above and beyond in supporting an elderly gentleman and his wife during the end stage of his life. Lisa joined our Cheshire team in 2017 and has since demonstrated particular expertise in palliative care and also other specialisms such as dementia care. Lisa’s client’s wife commented: “I am eternally grateful for your input – you made the impossible doable.”

Monica Jaya, Live-in Carer in Yorkshire
Monica has been a member of our professional live-in care team since 2015 and she loves putting a smile on peoples’ faces. She has received an Appreciation Award for the care and support she provided to a couple living at home with Parkinson’s and dementia over a number of years. Monica’s efforts made a huge difference to the outcomes they experienced with their family commenting: “Thank you for the kindness and care given to my mother and father over the years. They both much appreciated the professionalism, hard work and respect shown for them”. Monica used her gift vouchers to buy some new pottery for her kitchen!