Dementia Awareness Week 2016 – Day Four

Thursday, 19th May 2016

It’s Day 4 of Dementia Awareness Week 2016 and we are delighted to provide here an article written by Angela Newell about the respite support she provides to a client living with dementia who also receives live-in care at home from Carefound Home Care.

Angela is a member of our hourly home care team in Wetherby and she has provided a fantastic introduction to the time she spends with her client living with dementia. She uses examples of music and reminiscence to describe how she creates stimulating, fun visits.

“I  provide respite twice a week to a lovely lady who has been diagnosed with dementia. My client lives in her long-term family home with the support of her live-in carers and myself.

I look forward to my weekly visits which are always filled with laughter, companionship and professional support. My role as an hourly carer is extremely rewarding and leaves me with the most amazing feeling of satisfaction.

My client has a passion for classical music and thoroughly enjoys listening to her collection of CDs. One of her favourites at the moment is “The Sound of Music”. It often starts with my client slowly starting to smile, then a gentle foot tap to a full on march to the wonderful sound of Julie Andrews. We always end up laughing together and is a lovely way to spend a half hour whilst we are pottering in the kitchen or doing a few household jobs together.

For my client being able to remain in her own home surrounded by her personal belongings, photographs and memories is very important. The support that our team provide helps to encourage my client to be independent and make choices of her own, albeit sometimes small choices like choosing what she would like to wear or what to eat, but these small everyday choices bring happiness and satisfaction.

My visits always end too quickly and I always look forward to my next. I always leave with a lovely warm feeling.”