Dementia Awareness Week 2016 – Day Three

Wednesday, 18th May 2016

On day 3 of Dementia Awareness Week 2016 we have a lovely article from Lindsey Cooper who has been part of our hourly home care team in North Yorkshire for over 2 years.

Lindsey gives a brilliant insight into how maintaining interests, activities and independence can bring huge benefits to a person living with dementia. She also emphasises the importance of a sense of humour!

“My client loves her home. She likes to do crafting on days she can’t go outside. She loves to be out in her garden on sunny days. She tends to her garden but has someone to cut her grass. She enjoys getting on the bus for free and going to Ripon for a few hours for a little bit of shopping. She loves being able to do what she wants, when she wants.

She looks forward to our home care visits. She has wonderful tales to tell us. She understands that us visiting every day gives her daughter great peace of mind and herself. She is a very positive person and her mantra is ‘never lose your sense of humour’.

She certainly keeps us amused and is a joy to know. Oh, and she is 95!!!”