Elderly Population to Benefit from Ellis Bates Group – Carefound Relationship

Thursday, 03rd November 2011

Published 03 November 2011.

Ellis Bates Group has joined forces with Carefound, a provider of high quality home care services to elderly people in North Yorkshire, ensuring that individuals and their families can easily access help and advice with regards to financing their long-term care.

The population of people aged 65 years and over in the UK is projected to increase by 30% to 2021. In particular, the 85 years+ age group is the fastest growing demographic amongst whom there will be over 3 million people by 2033 compared to 1.4 million today.

At the same time as demographic changes are creating increased demand for elderly care services, shifts in the funding of social care are expected to result in much greater choice and control amongst users of care services. Cuts to Government funding for social care will likely force growing numbers of people to ‘self-fund’ the care they receive leaving them free to use a care provider of choice, whilst those eligible for funding from the local authority are increasingly receiving ‘personal budgets’ whereby they are also able to choose the care service they use.

Despite these shifts, deciding how to meet the cost of long-term care is widely found to be a daunting process, and families are frequently left confused regarding what funding is available from the local authority. According to a recent study by the National Audit Office, even where individuals are required to pay for their own care, 69% of people do not feel well informed about the financial implications of long-term care.

In response to this, Ellis Bates Group has formed a relationship with Carefound providing elderly people in North Yorkshire with access to both a high quality home care service and expert advice with regards to how best to finance their care. This may include help with obtaining funding from the local authority or advice regarding how best to utilise their own funds to pay for services directly.

Director at Carefound, Oliver Stirk, commented: “It is well documented that the elderly population is projected to grow as the UK continues to age. Despite this, the process of considering elderly care, including how to pay for it, has become an increasingly complex process for elderly people and their families. We are delighted to have teamed up with Ellis Bates Group enabling our clients to access expert financial advice regarding how best to finance their long-term care. At Carefound, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality home care service and a key part of this is offering clients and their families support throughout the process of seeking help.”

Mark Chandler of Ellis Bates Group, said: “Establishing how to fund for long term care can be a stressful time for those requiring the care and their families alike. It is vital that expert independent advice is taken to arrive at suitable and sustainable solutions, and that these are delivered by qualified advisers in an empathic manner.”

Ellis Bates Group have been advising clients for over 30 years and are an award winning team consisting of  Insurance Brokers and Financial Advisors who offer bespoke solutions to individuals and businesses seeking a relationship led service. They are independent in all aspects of their service and can advise on a complete range of financial and insurance applications.

Carefound is a provider of high quality home care services in North Yorkshire including basic help in the homecompanionship and personal care, and its home care team is trained in specialist conditions such as Dementia. The flexible service ranges from 1 hour to 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including bank holidays, and can also encompass 24-hour Live-In Care services.

For more information about funding the cost of elderly care services or for general enquires telephone Carefound on 01423 774070 or visit their website at www.carefound.co.uk.

Source: Carefound, Laing and Buisson, National Audit Office.