Specialist induction training programme

We believe that empowering our team with the skills you need to make a genuine difference to your clients’ daily lives is not only key to delivering the highest quality home care service, but also enables you to enjoy your role, fulfill your potential and be recognised as the best at what you do.

Everybody who joins our award-winning team completes a comprehensive induction programme which includes:

  • Some online e-learning training where you will evidence your knowledge
  • A 4-day course with our in-house training team delivered both online (over video call) and at your local branch
  • ‘On-the-job’ shadowing of experienced members of our team in the community

We use a blend of training techniques to ensure our training is enjoyable and effective. You’ll not only learn all about how to support someone at home, including specialist aspects such as personal care, medication management, moving & handling and dementia care, but you’ll also cover everything to ensure you achieve the national health and social care qualification – The Care Certificate.

We use our online e-learning system to help you easily evidence your knowledge and understanding to meet the requirements of The Care Certificate. This is completed before attending your face-to-face induction days to keep things as efficient as possible for you.

After attending your induction days, you'll also complete our bespoke online medication training course covering how to administer and manage medicines in the community.

We have invested heavily in our online e-learning training to ensure that it is not only engaging and easily accessible, but also effective in ensuring your knowledge and understanding.

Our 4-day induction course provides a great introduction to the company and your role and empowers you with the right skills and approach to provide the best care possible, regardless of your previous experience. It helps experienced carers refresh and expand their knowledge and ensures that people new to care are ready for their role.

The training comprises 3 days of face-to-face training online (over video call), followed by 1 day of face-to-face training at your local branch. Investing in you is hugely important to us so you are paid to complete this training.

Our 4-day induction course covers:

  • Our company and values - introduction to the Company, our values and how we work together
  • Your terms of employment - your employment documents, payroll, expenses, holidays and conduct
  • Handling information and communication - how we manage information and documentation, our communication systems and how to communicate effectively with everybody involved in the ‘circle of care’
  • Cyber security and data protection - how to protect data and your responsisbilities
  • Your well-being - how we look after ourselves and remain resilient
  • Your journey - the support available to you and how we help you to develop and improve your skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Personal care - how to deliver person centred care, manage infection control and provide personal care such as bathing, showering, washing and oral care
  • Pressure area care - managing skin integrity and preventing pressure injuries
  • Continence care - managing your client's continence and preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Nutrition and hydration - how to support with nutrition and manage fluid intake
  • Safety in the home - understanding risk assessments, COSHH and fire safety
  • Safeguarding, mental capacity and DOLS - how to recognise abuse, prevent harm, act in people’s best interests and avoid depriving people of their liberty
  • Mental health, learning disabilities and autism - understanding mental health conditions, learning disabilities and autism and how you can help
  • Managing deterioration - understanding soft signs of deterioration, what's 'normal' and how to raise the alert
  • End of life care - introduction to palliative care, how to meet peoples' needs and work as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • Neurological conditions - introduction to conditions such as Parkinson's, Motor Neuron Disease (MND) and stroke
  • Dementia awareness - introduction to dementia, living with dementia and communication
  • Outstanding care and positive interactions - delivering outstanding care, recognising each other and giving positive experiences to your client
  • Our technology and tools - understanding the systems we use
  • Medication administration - building awareness of how to adminster and manage medications
  • Moving & handling practical - how to support clients with moving and handling including the use of specialist equipment (e.g. hoists)
  • Basic life support practical - how to deliver first aid and basic life support
  • The SPECAL Method - specialist training in association with the Contented Dementia Trust introducing staff to the SPECAL Photograph Album and the Three Golden Rules

Once you have completed our induction course you are required to shadow members of our home care team in the community to enable you to put your learning into practice and demonstrate that you are competent to work alone.

Following this, you will attend a safe to leave meeting with your Registered Branch Manager where all of your training assessments and evidence is reviewed and signed-off and you will be awarded your training certificates. You will only progress to supporting clients alone once you and your Registered Branch Manager are happy and comfortable that you are sufficiently competent and ready.

Ongoing support and supervision

Your training and support doesn’t stop once you’ve completed your induction programme. We have built a fantastic support structure to ensure that you receive the best levels of support possible in your role. This ranges from our online community, our 24/7 local on-call service, weekly support visits, staff reviews, 3-monthly supervision meetings, to annual appraisal meetings.

Importantly, all of this support comes from your LOCAL care management team which is accessible 24/7.

From day one, every member of our team joins our online Workplace community. This enables you to communicate with colleagues, share experiences and advice, find help and information, read policies and procedures and even participate in online meetings and video calls. It's a great way of connecting everybody across our team and ensures you always have information at your finger tips.

There are times when we all need help or advice quickly, however experienced or well trained we may be. To ensure you have 24/7 local support on-hand, each of our local care management teams operates a 24/7 local on-call service which you can call.

Our local care management team provides weekly support visits to our live-in carers, either in-person or over the phone. This helps ensure that the care package is working well, you are fully supported and any existing or potential issues are discussed.

We know that the first few weeks of any new job is often the most challenging so we will arrange two review phone calls with you during your first week of work and another within 4 weeks. This helps us ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed and that you are settling into the team.

You will receive a supervision meeting with your named supervisor every 12 weeks (3 months). These meetings present a great opportunity to celebrate your achievements and address any issues, discuss learning and development opportunities and ensure that you're happy and confident in your role.

You will also have an annual appraisal meeting with your Registered Branch Manager. This meeting is a formal process to review your performance in your role and set goals to help you progress.

Continuing professional and career development

We support and encourage all of our staff to develop a personal training plan following their graduation from our induction programme and we will help you to improve your skills to enable you to deliver better care to your clients and achieve your long-term career goals.

We offer and support everybody in our team the opportunity to progress to a level 2 diploma in health and social care after 6 months with the Company. There are also a host of other additional courses available including in specialist areas such as dementia and Parkinson’s, or even more advanced health & social care diplomas from level 3 up to level 5. We also offer our team members the opportunity to complete our Champions for Home Care (CHAMPs) course which enables them to develop clinical and management skills and adheres to many aspects of a registered nursing course. All members of our team also receive annual refresher training.

We seek to offer many career opportunities and we always celebrate members of our team who are promoted into more senior roles including senior care, coordination, management and training roles.

The people we care for at home may be living with a specialist condition and we understand that this requires you to feel competent and trained in how to provide them with outstanding care and support.

We have therefore developed a selection of training courses in partnership with leading organisations in their respective fields to support you to develop your knowledge and skills for specialist care. This includes end of life care, Motor Neurone Disease (MND) care, Parkinson's care and stroke care.

We will support and pay you to complete this training so you can truly provide specialist care to your clients.

The first step of progressing your career journey with us is to complete your Level 2 Diploma in health and social care.

This qualification will support you to develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide frontline care for vulnerable adults in a wide range of settings in the adult social care sector.

Once you have completed your Level 2 Diploma, the next step of progressing your career journey with us is to complete your Level 3 Diploma in health and social care.

This qualification will support you to take your skills and knowledge to the next level and learn about the provision, planning and review of holistic care needs for individuals in receipt of care. It also covers supporting other care / support staff in the development of their practice and providing guidance and support to them, ensuring the delivery of positive outcomes to those in receipt of care.

Once you have completed your Level 3 Diploma with us you will be able to access our Champions for Home Care (CHAMPs) course and take another step forward in your career path with us.

Our CHAMPs course allows experienced team members to develop clinical and management skills and adheres to many aspects of a registered nursing course. It qualifies you to work collaboratively alongside other professionals and take on additional responsibilities. It is designed for experienced carers to enable them to be more proactive and holistic in their care to meet the ever increasing needs of individuals at home. It also enables Carefound Home Care to offer enhanced services and allows a new career pathway for people within the organisation.

Once you have completed your Level 3 Diploma, you can also progress your career with us by completing your Level 4 Diploma in health and social care.

This qualification will enable you to have a greater depth of knowledge and expertise of particular conditions being experienced by clients and to develop specialist skills and knowledge, allowing you to lead in areas such as care needs assessment. You will also learn how to coach and mentor others and assess performance and quality of care delivery.

Once you have completed your Level 4 Diploma, the next step of progressing your career journey with us is to complete your Level 5 Diploma in health and social care.

This qualification is for people who have / will have responsibility for managing services, such as a registered manager, deputy manager or care manager. This will include a large element of leadership, whether with other care workers and networks or in leading the service itself. This apprenticeship supports the development of the knowledge, skills, and behaviours for you to be confident in your ability to be responsible for this, including ensuring regulatory compliance of the care given and the values and training of staff with established standards and regulations.

The Lead to Succeed programme has been developed by Skills for Care in response to an identified need within the sector to up-skill existing managers and provide a pathway to develop aspiring managers in adult social care.

The programme covers five key areas over five days (usually with two or three weeks between sessions to allow action plans to be developed and put the learning into practice).

The programme is designed for care managers wishing to refresh their skills, supervisors, team leaders, nursing staff, deputy managers, senior staff and aspiring and new managers.


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