Jubilee celebrations at Carefound Home Care

Tuesday, 21st June 2022

Our home care services enjoyed a right royal celebration to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee after 70 years on the thrown.

With Queen Elizabeth II celebrating her Platinum Jubilee over the four-day bank holiday weekend starting 2nd June, our home care teams and clients enjoyed some specially made Jubilee treats and local events together.

Local care management teams from Carefound Home Care in Wilmslow, Harrogate and West Bridgford prepared goodie bags with cakes and scones to mark the occasion and had a wonderful time celebrating with their clients and families.

Jubilee celebrations in Wilmslow

Our Wilmslow home care team had a great time celebrating with their clients in the community in Cheshire. Her Majesty The Queen herself was even spotted at the door of one of our team members in Macclesfield!

Sarah Vickers, Recruitment & Community Manager at Carefound Home Care in Wilmslow, commented:

“Our Wilmslow carers celebrated the long weekend by enjoying tea and scones and chatting with their clients about what the Jubilee meant to them over the years of The Queen being the Head of the Monarchy. I personally enjoyed decorating my house and spending time in my own local community. Our carers took their clients out too to see friends who were having jubilee lunches and watching the celebrations on the television together. It was a great time to get local communities back together, young and old!”

A big party in Ripon and Jubiliee celebrations in Harrogate

The Jubilee was definitely not lost on our Harrogate home care team who produced a fine display of gifts for their clients and also had a great time at the celebrations on Ripon market square.

Lorna Miles, Registered Branch Manager at Carefound Home Care in Harrogate, said:

“What a delight to be able to share some precious memories with our clients who retold their own experiences of the Queen’s Coronation 70 years earlier.”

Treats fit for a Queen in West Bridgford

Our West Bridgford home care team created some wonderful Jubilee goodie bags for their clients and really enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the event together with colleagues, clients and their families across Nottinghamshire.

Jade Farnsworth, Registered Branch Manager at Carefound Home Care in West Bridgford, added:

“It was a pleasure here at Carefound Home Care in West Bridgford to be able to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee with all of our lovely clients and carers, including by gifting goodie bags for all. Our local team thoroughly enjoyed this special occasion and were particularly grateful for the sunshine!”

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