Leaders Commit to Developing a Cure for Dementia at G8 Dementia Summit

Thursday, 12th December 2013

Published 12 December 2013.

Health ministers from around the world have met in London at a G8 Dementia Summit at which they have committed to developing a cure or treatment for the condition by 2025.

The G8 has recognised dementia as “an increasing threat to global health” with the number of sufferers expected to treble to 135 million people by 2050. It also highlighted the need to “develop a co-ordinated international research action plan” and to “strengthen efforts to stimulate and harness innovation and to catalyse investment at the global level.”

Dementia currently has a global cost of approximately £370 billion. However, in the UK only £52 million of government money goes into dementia research each year, compared to £267 million for cancer research. David Cameron has called on industry and charities to commit more funding to research into dementia and indicated that the UK government would boost annual funding to £132 million by 2025. He also called for a “significant increase in overall dementia research” from other countries at the Summit.

The Alzhiemer’s Society provided the following comment: “Today the UK has demonstrated global leadership on tackling dementia. We have committed to a global plan, better support for people with dementia through research and the Prime Minister has agreed to narrow the funding gap between dementia and cancer research – something we have long campaigned for. Charities will play an important role in making this happen and today, Alzheimer’s Society has pledged a minimum of £100 million over the next decade to dementia research.

“Dementia has come out of the shadows and is centre stage – but we must ensure G8 has a lasting legacy. The governments’ have all committed to updating progress on research biannually, but every month counts for the millions of people living with dementia worldwide.”

Source: Alzheimer’s Society, BBC.

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