Outstanding Achievement Awards for Home Carers at Local Care Company

Wednesday, 26th August 2015

Published: 26 August 2015

Carefound Home Care has awarded four members of its Harrogate-based team appreciation awards in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Company’s hourly home care and live-in care services in Yorkshire.

Appreciation awards are given out by the Company when members of staff demonstrate outstanding performance in their role, particularly when this results in outstanding levels of care being received by clients. Those awarded receive praise and recognition from across the organisation plus gift vouchers to spend at their local Marks & Spencer.

Appreciation Award in Home Care RD

Raye with Home Care Manager, Lorna Dawber and our Director

Raye Davies is a member of our hourly care team and has been awarded for showing great courage and loyalty after having had an accident at home before going to work to support one of her clients. Despite suffering cuts and bruises to her arms and back, Raye sought medical advice around how she could safely avoid taking any time off work which included going for short walks to prevent herself stiffening up. Not only did Raye work through the soreness from her injuries the following day, but this also meant that she was able to continue to safely support her clients as normal without their home care service being affected.

Morellen Kadzviti provides live-in care to clients in Yorkshire. She has been awarded for delivering an outstanding level of support to her clients – a couple living with dementia – which included undertaking a major ‘spring clean’ of the clients’ home at commencement of the service. This resulted in significant improvements in the management of her clients’ condition with them both becoming far more relaxed, settled and contented.

Appreciation Award in Home Care TL

Tina with Home Care Manager, Lorna Dawber

Tina Langshaw is a Senior Home Carer at Carefound Home Care and received her award for going the extra mile to ensure two of the families we care for received additional emergency support over a weekend. One client was unexpectedly given the option to return home from hospital, and our stepping in to provide extra support ensured that this could happen over a weekend. The principal carer of another client became unwell and was admitted to hospital, and Tina again provided additional emergency support to ensure this client remained safe at home without them. These combined efforts over a weekend were another example of Carefound Home Care delivering an outstanding service to the families we support.

Appreciation Award in Care PN

Patience receiving her award

Patience Nyadete provides live-in care to her clients in Yorkshire and has been awarded for stepping in to deliver an extended complex care package to an elderly couple who required emergency care. Despite the high care needs of this client she remained professional throughout her extended stay, maintained excellent communication lines with her care management team and ensured that the level of care remained excellent at all times.

Lorna Dawber, Home Care Manager at Carefound Home Care, commented: “We are committed to delivering a high level of care to each and every one of our clients and we have a training model of excellence to ensure our staff are able to achieve this. However, there are times when this expectation is exceeded and the loyalty and dedication of our staff is taken to a different level. Individual recognition is deserved when staff go ‘the extra mile’ to ensure continuity is maintained and the safety and well-being of their clients are being prioritised.”

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