Physical Exercise May Reduce Need for Dementia Care in Harrogate

Friday, 30th November 2012

Published 30 November 2012.

Research has shown that various lifestyle changes may help ward off dementia in older people such as not smoking or drinking to excess. However, a new study published by the American Heart Association has highlighted the importance of regular physical activity, showing that it reduced the risk of vascular-related dementia by 40% and cognitive impairment by 60%. The effect was found to be the same, irrespective of age, education, or history of stroke or diabetes.

The report recommended thirty minutes of physical activity three times a week for a significant impact on brain health. Activities could include dancing, walking, biking, or anything that gets your heart pumping.

The study included 639 people in their 60s and 70s; 55% were women and almost 64% said they were active at least 30 minutes a day three times a week. The activity included gym classes, walking and biking.

These findings add to mounting evidence that as exercise helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and weight, it also lessens the threat of dementia. Other health benefits are thought to include stimulating cell and tissue repair mechanisms including the growth of new cells in the brain.

It is essential that we continue to find new ways to reduce the risk of dementia. However, we must also ensure that people with the condition have access to specialist dementia care in an environment that best meets their needs. Carefound provides specialist dementia care in the home in North Yorkshireand sees day-to-day stimulation, activity and exercise as a key part of this.

Source: Carefound, American Heart Association.

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