Record Elderly Population Aged 90 and Over in the UK

Sunday, 18th August 2013

Published 18 August 2013.

The aging of the UK population has been evidenced again with the Office for National Statistics having announced that there are now more than half a million elderly people aged 90 years and over living in the UK.

In 2012, it was estimated that there were 513,400 aged 90 and over in the UK which represents an increase of 32% (125,200) since 2002. At the same time, the number of males aged 75 and over has increased by 26% since mid-2001, with this improvement in male mortality being linked to changes in tobacco smoking, advances in health treatments for circulatory illnesses and male occupations having become less physical and safer.

These new figures clearly highlight the demographic shifts occurring in the UK which will inevitably increase pressures on existing elderly care services and create a need for alternative, high quality services. In particular, it will be important that we are able to support elderly people and families to retain as much independence as possible in the community rather than having to move into institutional residential care. Carefound Home Care is supporting this process through its specialist home care anddementia care service in North Yorkshire.

Michelle Mitchell, Age UK Charity Director General, commented: “This is a real milestone and underscores the fact that so many people are living longer. Our society is currently undergoing a demographic revolution as more people enjoy a life expectancy denied to previous generations, but this also demands urgent attention from government and local authorities to ensure that services adapt to embrace these changes.”

About Carefound:

Carefound is a provider of specialist home care and dementia care services to elderly people in North Yorkshire, enabling clients to continue to live independently in the comfort of their own home whilst maintaining the highest quality of life achievable. Services provided include basic help in the home,companionship, personal care, medication help, post-operative rehabilitation, respite care and specialist help such as dementia care and palliative care. The flexible service ranges from 1 hour to 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including bank holidays, and can also encompass 24-hour live in care services.

Source: Carefound, Office for National Statistics, Age UK.