Mobility care, rehabilitation and home adaptations

At Carefound Home Care our carers are specially trained in supporting elderly people with mobility care and rehabilitation at home and our care management team work in close partnership with occupational therapists and physiotherapists to ensure you have the right mobility aids, home adaptations and support in place.

Changes that occur with ageing can lead to problems with moving around and mobility – maybe unsteadiness when walking, difficulty getting into a chair or a bed, or even falls. As a result, supporting mobility care, rehabilitation, disabilities and reducing falls risk is a key part of enabling older people to live safely at home.

All of our clients benefit from an assessment of their mobility, moving and handling needs and falls risk prior to commencing care at home. This not only ensures that our trained carers are able to provide individually tailored mobility care, but also that appropriate professional input (e.g. occupational therapist) and mobility interventions (e.g. equipment, adaptations) are arranged. Sometimes additional support in other areas can also contrinbute to this such as managing medications properly, arranging eye tests or doing targeted exercises.

“I have found Carefound Home Care to be a highly professional, communicative and transparent organisation, and they hold the client and family / carers at the heart of all they do. They are always striving to offer the best service and to develop in all relevant areas, as well as looking after their staff to ensure they are prepared and willing to give their best”

Rachel Wilson BHSc (Hons) OT MSc – Occupational Therapist in Harrogate

Occupational therapist and physiotherapist care

We have strong working relationships with local health professionals including occupational therapists and physiotherapists who we are able to bring in to help assess your needs and ensure that the correct mobility aids and adaptations to the home are in place. We have found this to be vital in maximising independence at home and reducing the risk of falls and accidents.

Mobility aids and home adaptations

In addition to involving occupational therapists in assessing the need for mobility aids and home adaptations, we can also help you to arrange and purchase these through our relationships with local providers, including the local authority / social services teams.

Fully managed home care service

Our award winning care at home service is fully managed 24/7 by our local care management team and offers many benefits that help improve the outcomes of our clients:

  • Comprehensive assessment of care needs
  • Bespoke care plan designed around the person and their targeted outcomes
  • Extensive quality assurance including monitoring of falls and ‘near misses’
  • 24/7 support from a local care management team
  • Employed, vetted, trained and well supported home carers
  • Continuity of care enabling risks and issues to be identified early

Case Study: Helping Shirley to rehabilitate and improve her mobility

The client

Shirley is 82 years old and lives on her own near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. She is a very active and independent lady however was recently involved in a road traffic accident where she suffered a fracture to her vertebrae. This impacted on her mobility in terms of the range of movement in both upper limbs and grip strength, as well as suffering constant pain in her back. This affected her independence greatly – she was no longer able to drive and take part in regular social activities, prepare her own meals, carry out her own laundry and other domestic shores.

Shirley spent a period of six weeks in hospital and a rehabilitation centre, at which point Carefound Home Care was contacted by her occupational therapist to see if we could enable Shirley to return home with professional home care. Our Care Management Team visited Shirley at the rehabilitation centre and her home to undertake an assessment of her care needs. We subsequently worked with Shirley and her occupational therapist to establish a personalised Care Plan. The service was hourly care for one hour each morning and evening, plus an additional three hours on an afternoon each week to facilitate social activities.

Our home care service

On the advice of the occupational therapist our home carers were required to use a facilitatory and enabling approach to optimise the physiotherapy Shirley was receiving, rather than taking over tasks completely. A physiotherapist demonstrated these aspects to the home carers and created a video that they were able to view on Shirley’s iPad.

The main aim of the care package was to rehabilitate Shirley in order to optimise her mobility as well as allowing her to resume some of her recreational and social pursuits. Throughout the care Carefound Home Care worked as part of a multidisciplinary team to facilitate this – including our Care Management Team, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist and an NHS Case Manager.

As well as helping with daily tasks, personal care and medication monitoring, Carefound Home Care supported Shirley to do exercises designed by the physiotherapist on a daily basis. Regular reviews also took place between Carefound Home Care and the Case Manager to ensure that Shirley’s needs were being met and that her independence and quality of life were being promoted at all times.

The outcomes

After four months of receiving the support from Carefound Home Care, Shirley’s range of movements were much improved and she was able to complete daily tasks more independently. It was at this stage that she felt ready to reduce her care package and decided to cease all evening care visits.

Since then, Shirley has been able to further reduce her care to only one hour on a morning and three hours on an afternoon each week and has shown great improvement in all areas of her mobility and pain management. She cannot praise the team enough for the care they have shown her and is happy with the rate at which she has recovered from her injuries. Shirley has even managed to go on holiday since her recovery.

Our home care services


Hourly home care

Flexible hourly visiting home care from 1 hour upwards.

Carer supporting an eldery lady

Live-in care

Round-the-clock live-in care as a preferred alternative to a care home.

Respite Care

Respite care

Temporary care to aid recovery or enable a loved one to take a break.

Specialist Care

Specialist care

Specialist support for complex conditions such as dementia.

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