Combining technology with outstanding care

At Carefound Home Care, we do not believe that technology will ever replace the need for locally managed, highly personalised care from amazing people. However, we do invest heavily in ensuring that our home care service is at the forefront of progression in our industry and that we benefit from the use of safe, effective technology where it can demonstrably improve the well-being of our clients and their families.

There are many examples of how we use technology to underpin how we deliver our home care services from scheduling and managing care visits, to helping monitor health outcomes, to enabling our carers, clients, families and health professionals to be better connected.

Our care management app

Our secure care management app is the digital system we use to manage all of your care records and significantly improves how information is shared across and between services, families and loved ones. It provides you, your carers, your loved ones, our care management team and health professionals with instant access to your most up-to-date care records and a simple way to communicate with your care team.

Our professional carers access our app through their mobile phone allowing them and your local care management team to have immediate access to your latest care records. This not only helps in maintaining the safety of your care and ensuring tasks are completed, but it also allows us to more effectively monitor the health outcomes of your care and work to prevent incidents.

Some of the benefits of our care management app include:


You and your loved ones can view all important information about your care including your care plan and needs assessments, past and future care visits including who is due to attend and all notes and records produced during your care visits including medications.


Information regarding your care is instantly available to your care management team, enabling us to monitor the delivery of your care in real time and ensure our service is responsive and effective.

Peace of mind

You can give permission for your loved ones to access it on their mobile phone or tablet computer enabling them to keep updated and connected – a great tool for loved ones on the move or living further away.


You and your loved ones can read and add notes with your carer, view and add planned appointments or alert the care management team in the office – a great way to help those around you communicate and collaborate.


All digital records are stored as encrypted data which means increased security and safety over your confidential information.

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