Outstanding respite care at home

Respite care tailored to you

At Carefound Home Care our respite care at home service provides your main carer or loved one with a temporary break while ensuring your needs are fully met.

Our respite care service can be provided as hourly visiting care or full-time respite live-in care, which means that we’re here to help whether it’s covering for a holiday, a short break or due to sickness or a family emergency.

You can rest assured that our carers are fully trained meaning that respite care can help you with anything from basic domestic support, companionship, personal care, medication help, through to support with more complex conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s.

Outstanding CQC regulated respite care

Unlike introduction agencies we are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) giving you the peace of mind that the care and support we provide is regularly monitored, inspected and regulated by the independent regulator of health and social care in England.

At Carefound Home Care all of our home care branches have been consistently rated Outstanding by the CQC making our home care service unique in the UK. We know that this gives our clients and their families the comfort that they are receiving the best care service available.

Locally managed respite care

Our professional carers are matched to our clients to support them at home and we pride ourselves on delivering a highly personalised home care service underpinned by basic principles such as continuity of carer, introductions before care commences and a genuine focus on health and social well-being.

Our carers are fully employed by us and they undergo an extensive recruitment and selection process including interviews, reference checks and an Enhanced Criminal Record Check. They are also trained in all aspects of the care we deliver including specialist training for complex conditions.

Importantly, our home care services are supported and managed 24/7 by our local care management teams based in Wilmslow, West Bridgford and Harrogate. This is a key reason families use Carefound Home Care as many other care providers are either large national organisations, franchises, or they are focused on providing shorter care visits which prevents them from being able to offer a high quality, tailored care service.

Our local care management team also undertakes regular monitoring of the care we provide, including an initial review after the first 4-weeks, formal reviews at least every 6 months, annual feedback questionnaires and ongoing monitoring of any concerns, events or issues. We also invest a huge amount of time in training, supervising, developing and supporting our carers which is key to enabling them to provide the highest quality care.

“As always your service is excellent and I am extremely satisfied with the services and the friendly staff (almost family)”

Miss F, Harrogate

What is respite care?

Respite care is short-term care that provides cover for loved ones or somebody’s main carer when they are not available.

Respite care can be used in various scenarios such as recovery after surgery, an accident or illness, covering for a carer’s holiday or carer’s break, or due to sickness or a family emergency.

At Carefound Home Care we know how important a break or emergency respite care can be, particulrly when caring for somebody with a complex condition such as dementia. Our respite care service enables one of our friendly, professional carers to step in to provide temporary care to your loved one, either as hourly visiting care or live-in care.

Respite care can include support at home with anything from companionship, cooking, cleaning through to personal care, medication management or more complex support for specialist conditions such as dementia care, Parkinson’s care or post stroke care.

What does a respite carer do?

A respite carer is able to help you with anything your main carer would normally do. To do this they can visit you on an hourly visiting basis, or provide temporary live-in care in your own home. You carer’s daily tasks could include:


Company and companionship from a carer matched to you so you can enjoy life with the right level of stimulation and emotional support.

Personal care and hygiene

Help with your personal needs such as dressing, personal cleanliness, lavatory needs and grooming, all with dignity and discretion.

Medication help

Our carers are trained in supporting you with managing and administering your medications. They can also collect prescriptions from the pharmacy.

Staying active

We’re able to work closely with occupational therapists and other health professionals to ensure your mobility needs are met.

Shopping for food and essentials

We can help you with shopping whether it involves popping out to the shops or arranging an online delivery.

Light housekeeping

This may include washing and ironing, cleaning rooms or vacuuming, to ensure your usual standards of cleanliness are maintained.

Meal preparation and nutrition

Your carer can help you plan and prepare nutritious meals to ensure your dietary needs are met, at a time that suits you.

Social activities and connecting

Your carer can support you to continue to socialise and keep close to family and friends.

Transportation and errands

This may involve helping you get and about in your local community, going out on trips or running errands on your behalf.

Hobbies and interests

Continuing to enjoy hobbies and interests helps maintain your independence and our carers will support you to do this both inside and outside of your home.

Specialist care

We will monitor your health and well-being outcomes and our carers are trained to support you with complex conditions such as dementia.

How long can respite care last?

A break from caring for somebody may last anything from a few days through to several weeks or more. It may simply involve an hour of respite care on a day or round-the-clock live-in care.

The length of care and type of respite care required will depend on your particular circumstances. It may even be that a sudden illness or event means that the outlook is unclear and your requirements will need to be managed as things progress.

Whatever your needs, our respite care service is tailored to you and your family and can be arranged at short notice if required.

How is respite care managed?

We employ exceptional home carers all of whom undertake a thorough recruitment process and receive market leading training and support from our local offices. This enables our team to deliver a unique care at home service which has a proven track record of improving the health and social well-being of our clients.

Our local care management team provides 24/7 support to our carers and the families we support, and we are proud that our service is underpinned by basic principles such as continuity of carer, introductions before care commences, minimum visits of 1 hour and regular face-to-face input from our local office.

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