Clear pricing of hourly home care

At Carefound Home Care we have a clear pricing policy so that you are able to easily understand and compare the costs of hourly home care.

Hourly home care is available from 1 hour upwards and can also include overnight care as a sleepover or waking night. It is a flexible service designed around your needs, meaning that you can easily increase or reduce the care you are receiving as your needs change.

At Carefound Home Care we offer a carefully managed hourly home care service able to meet the needs of our individual clients and their families, rather than operating under large-scale contracts with local authorities which so many other care providers do.

How much does hourly home care cost?

The cost of hourly home care is based on a transparent all inclusive hourly rate – the only additional cost is for travel mileage undertaken on behalf of the client based on a fixed charge per mile. These costs therefore include:

  • One-to-one support from a professional home carer fully employed by us – we take full responsibility for our staff including selection, training and management
  • A care package tailored to your needs with home carers matched accordingly
  • Carer holidays, PAYE, sick pay, insurance etc. dealt with by us
  • Ongoing input, advice, support and quality assurance from our local care management team
  • 24-hour support from our local on-call team
  • No additional VAT or other costs

Here’s a summary of our hourly home care costs:

  • Hourly home care prices start from £30 per hour
  • Overnight care prices start from £200 per night
  • Prices depend on your location with differences for overnight care and care provided on weekends and bank holidays
  • Minimum travel charge of £3.50 per visit to cover carer travel costs
  • Free assessment of care needs in your own home by our local care management team (for care lasting more than 4 weeks)

You will receive a clear price for the cost of hourly home care following a free assessment of care needs from our local care management team.

Flexibility and cancellations

We seek to make our service as flexible as possible for our clients ensuring that their needs are met appropriately at all times. In order to cancel our care services we simply ask for 14 days notice.

Contact us about your home care needs

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