Cost of Care

Our local team can help you understand the cost of the various care options available to you and your family

Cost of hourly care and live-in care

When seeking to understand the cost of care you will need to consider the weekly fees for the various options available to you. This could be hourly care at home, live-in care at home or full-time residential care.

When comparing home care costs it is important to consider whether the care provider charges for an assessment of care needs before the service commences; if there are any charges in addition to the basic hourly rate, or how the cost of travel for the home carer to your home is charged. You should also seek to understand how the care provider operates and if they are capable of supporting the needs of a private individual / family – some organisations provide care under large-scale contracts with local authorities and it can be extremely difficult to manage this type of service alongside working with private families.

We provide services as either hourly care or live-in care. To obtain a quote for our services please contact our local care management teams on 01423 774070 (Yorkshire) or 01625 326470 (Cheshire) today who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Hourly care cost of care

Our hourly home care services are purchased based on an a local hourly rate. This is a transparent all inclusive cost – the only additional cost is for travel mileage undertaken on behalf of the client based on a fixed charge per mile. The cost of hourly care is flexible as the service can be adjusted as required to suit your individual needs.

Live-in care cost of care

Our live-in care service is generally purchased on a weekly basis. Costs do vary as they depend on the needs of the individual or couple being supported. However, it can generally be assumed that live-in care will cost the equivalent of a high quality care home. Live-in care can be particularly attractive for couples as weekly fees are not charged per client like they are in a care home.

What our costs include

The charges for our home care services are all inclusive, meaning they include:

  • One-to-one support from a professional home carer fully employed by us – we take full responsibility for our staff including selection, training and management
  • A care package tailored to your needs with home carers matched accordingly
  • Carer holidays, PAYE, sick pay, insurance etc. dealt with by us
  • Ongoing input, advice, support and quality assurance from our local care management team
  • 24-hour support from our local on-call team
  • No additional VAT or other costs

Flexibility and cancellations

We seek to make our service as flexible as possible for our clients ensuring that their needs are met appropriately at all times. In order to cancel our care services we simply ask for 7 days notice for hourly care or 14 days notice for live-in care.

To obtain a quote for our services please contact our local care management team on 01423 774070 today who will be able to answer any questions you may have.